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"The brushes arrived yesterday and I have just spent all morning using them - they are lovely!! The horses are glowing, I've never seen them so clean and glossy..." (Emily P.)





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Your horse deserves the best—and so do you!

There is simply is no substitute for excellent quality. Our grooming products and tack satisfy highest demands on durability, craftsmanship and ease of use.
Used and recommended by professionals!
Special Offer - National "Wash-a-Horse Week"!

horse shampoo & sponge

Get 10% OFF on select horse shampoo, natural sponges & halters that make washing your horse fun and effective. Get results, naturally!

Horse Brushes
Horse Brush Sets
Halters & Bridles & Bits
Longe Lines & Lead Ropes
Saddle Pads


merino wool saddle pads

Combining 'hi-tech' with natural materials, EquineLux™ saddle pads are a step above any luxury saddle pad on the market. Superior cushionig & non-slip technology.

Made in Canada for ultimate comfort of horse and rider.

high quality natural horse brushes

Traditional brush makers in Europe have been making horse brushes for centuries.

The unique combination of craftsmanship, experience, special tools & availability of finest raw materials, like beech wood & 100% wild boar bristle,make all the difference.

Our finest-quality horse grooming brushes are made in Germany.

Save buy buying a horse grooming brush set.

german horse halter

Equest™ halters, bridles, lead ropes and longe lines are modern technology paired with the experience that over 100 years of traditional craftsmanship can bring.

Made by Hoelscher, Germany, Equest™ products are durable, practical and stylish.
Made in Germany

#LE1B55 #LE1B57
Natural Finishing Brush Classic Finishing Brush L Wild Boar Bristle Brush
natural horse hair brush classic horse hair grooming brush boar bristle horse brush
USD 21.50 USD 23.00 USD 35.00
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#LE1B65 #LE1C93 #LE1B60
Massage Brush Soft Goat Hair Body Brush Coco Fiber Brush L
horse massage brush goat hair horse brush coco fiber horse brush
USD 25.00 USD 19.50 USD 16.00
Shampoos & Sponges Horse Grooming Sets Halters, Bridles & Bits
horse shampoo and sponge horse finishing brush set padded horse halter

Testimonial: "I received my complete set of horse brushes and used them for the 1st time last weekend and they are even better than what I hoped! You definitely get what you pay for not to mention after reading Stefanie's website, I learned the correct way to groom a horse. When I was done grooming not only did my horses look better than ever, they were so relaxed from the grooming! Thank you again for offering such a wonderful product..."
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ergonomic horse grooming brush Horse Wellness™ Horse Grooming Brushes
Made by traditional brush maker Leistner in Germany from mostly natural materials...(more)
Meroth horse leather bit snaffle Horse Grooming Kits - Save on Complete Horse Grooming Sets!
One does not fit all. You will find a horse grooming set with brushes that fit your particular need, from basic to exclusive. And saving on a grooming kit plus receiving a free item on top just sweetens the deal...(more)
Meroth horse leather bit snaffle Original Meroth™ Leather Bits
Off the beaten path with Original Meroth™ leather bits! Dare to try a completely different type of bit and discover a gentler way to fine-tuning the communication with your horse. Completely non-toxic, patented design that shapes itself to the mouth of your horse. Hand-crafted by skilled European artisans... (more)
natural fly spray horse aromatherapy Horse's Little Helpers - Natural Horse Care Products
Less is more, especially when it comes to chemicals. Naturally derived fly repellants and other 'little helpers' for those day-to-day challenges equestrians face...(more)

About our Horse Wellness Products

The basic needs of horses have not changed in thousands of years. The way humans have been caring for them has changed over time. Whatever your horse's 'job', we'd like to support you in caring for your horse as effectively and naturally as possible.

We offer unique patented products by Original Meroth, Germany and natural grooming brushes that are expertly hand crafted by traditional brush manufacturer Leistner in Germany, who has been crafting quality brushes since 1882.

If you are looking for horse care products that are...

  • of highest quality
  • made of mostly natural materials
  • innovative, practical and made to last

... you have come to the right place!


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"My Hanoverian mare and I LOVE the brushes... I've waited a long time to buy brushes of this quality, and I couldn't be happier..." (Susan A., Florida)

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